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Sound Cover

The iPad Travel Speaker


Sound Cover is a smart cover that features state-of-the-art flat speaker technology to deliver powerful and high quality audio that increases your iPad’s volume by up to 400%

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Enhance Your Sound

Increases the sound by upto 400%

Slides Easily into your bag

Only 14mm thick

Clip-in your iPad Air

(All Generations)

The sound cover is super portable, being only 14mm thick, and has a battery life of up to 15 hours. Simply clip your iPad on top of the Sound Cover speaker and you are ready to go, protected and with thumping sound!

Long lasting battery

15hours playing time in single charge


From the neodymium transducers to the honeycomb sound radiator, each acoustic element of the Sound Cover has been custom designed and tooled to achieve state-of-the-art flat speaker performance in the thinnest possible form factor. Real world experience and detailed testing have led to the construction of a Bluetooth speaker with more bass and loudness than much bulkier traditional speakers. In the normal use of an iPad, the built-in iPad speakers face away from the user, which diminishes the user experience. The Sound Cover's patented flat speaker technology produces a 360 degree audio field, allowing room-filling music that goes louder, deeper and richer than any speaker of similar dimensions.  The sound must be heard to be believed, there is currently nothing like it on the market!


Enhance your communications

Conference Calls system


Ragnar | for business

August 17, 2015

for me the Sound Cover is tool for business, something I take with me for the road!

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Once up on a time in Hong Kong!

August 17, 2015

Fun story out of Hong Kong Kowloon City | Sound Cover

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Helga | Icelandic Dancer

August 16, 2015

'Sound Cover adds new dimension to my favorite iPad, gives me instant tool to practise pretty much anywhere!'

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Hyomin Yang | Personal Trainer

August 15, 2015

'I need good and loud music in order for my companions and myself to get into the rhythm and train as hard as possible!'

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Sound Cover Gold

Sound Cover™ is a unique iPad Air smart cover with built-in flat NXT stereo speakers, offering powerful and high quality sound, boosting iPad's volume by up to 400%.

Its ultra-thin and lightweight design makes it perfect for people on the ‘go’. It protects the iPad on your travels, making it a truly rocking companion.